Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning in Hunterdon

Hunterdon Tree Service Company provides a wide range of tree services including pruning and removal. Whether you need your tree trimmed back or removed completely, our experienced and trained staff can help. Tree pruning is one of the most common services we provide. It helps to remove dead branches which may create a fire hazard, reduce wind resistance if trees are close together, and maintain the overall health of the tree by reducing leaf litter on lawns below. Our skilled team provides high-quality service for all types of clients including homeowners associations such as golf courses, parks, school districts, and municipalities.

Pruning is a Critical First Step to Tree Care

Hunterdon Tree Service Company provides the highest quality tree care services in Hunterdon County. From pruning to cabling and storm damage cleanup, our certified arborist can handle any issue that may arise. When a tree is pruned correctly it will have better chances of survival!  Correctly performed cuts are made at the branch collar to remove deadwood or long branches that could break off in high winds. Deadwood should always be removed because it provides no support for healthy live tissue.

Tree Pruning

Offers Tree Cabling Services

We also provide cabling services on trees with weak limbs from disease or natural aging process and storm damage cleanup after storms like Hurricane Sandy where there was a lot of high wind. After your free consultation with one of our experts, we’ll come up with an individualized plan based on the type of tree you’re looking to maintain.


Tree service companies might not seem like a glamorous business on the surface, but we love what we do and know that our customers can feel confident when they choose to work with us.


We offer competitive rates and provide free estimates on our website so you can see what we have available before scheduling your job with us. Plus, if there is anything specific you want to be done during your project, just let us know when making your appointment so we can make sure it happens as requested.

Quality Service

Tree services also need to pay close attention to safety regulations because they work at heights where one slip could lead to tragedy. That’s why it’s important for customers looking for tree service in New Jersey to choose an experienced company like ours.

Expert Tree Contractors

Tree Services can be a tricky business. Tree removal, trimming and pruning are all delicate jobs that require the right expertise or you might end up with a mess of broken branches and damaged limbs.


Tree Services are an important aspect of owning a home. Tree Service Company can help you keep your property in pristine condition and remove any hazardous trees that might be nearby. If you have questions about Tree Service Companies, contact us today to learn more! Our professionals will happily answer all of your questions so you’re able to make the best decision for your family’s safety.

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